Blippo haul & review: pt 1

Hello all and for those of you returning, welcome back! For my first blog post of 2019 I thought I'd finally get round to reviewing the Japanese candy and snacks that I got from Blippo! It's long overdue considering the package arrived back in November and there are actually so many items that I'm going … Continue reading Blippo haul & review: pt 1


Pastel Pokemon pins from Pinkachii ♡

I was searching the #pastelpokemon tag on Instagram, because of course there can never be enough cute pastel monsters in my life, and I happened across a maker named Pinkachii. Instantly I was enamoured with her sweet and charismatic designs, so I took a peek at her online shop and immediately placed an order! ♡ … Continue reading Pastel Pokemon pins from Pinkachii ♡