PKMN: Wonder Trade Wednesday

With the introduction of the wonder trade function to the main series Pokemon games back when X&Y were released, online trading was forever changed in a huge way! Compared to the GTS system, a wonder trade is a quick and easy random trade with another trainer that acts much like a lucky dip, ensuring it’s often exciting to see what you’ll get in return. For me it still is one of the most fun ways to exchange Pokemon with other players, but it definitely still has its drawbacks. Some users are definitely more generous than others, and with zero limitations on what you can put into the system, it can sometimes feel disheartening to repeatedly receive low-value monsters like Pidgey or Yungoos. That’s where Wonder Trade Wednesday, or WTW, comes in!

Now I’m not altogether certain, but I think WTW was started by a couple of Poketubers, TheKingNappy & HoodlumScrafty, as part of their YouTube stream shows. The basic concept was to have a set time every week where there would be better grade Pokemon sent off into wonder trade system, like legendaries, shinies, Pokemon with hidden abilities and egg moves, all in order to help out other players and make each other smile. It’s such a wholesome concept and I love it!

Sadly WTW was established back when wondertrade was still relatively new and now the golden age is definitely over. Not as many people get involved, don’t know about it or simply throw their trash Pokemon into wondertrade in the hopes they’ll receive something good in return. However my hopes in the Pokemon community were restored today after I started sending my hidden ability breedjects off and received a shiny Omanyte! This means that there are other trainers out there who are just like me, who still believe that there is merit in making the community a friendly and happy place to be. As long as I’m breeding for competitive Pokemon battles, I’ll continue to send decent grade monsters out into the world; not every week, but always on a Wednesday

If you’ve ever received something really amazing through wonder trading I’d love to hear about it! I’m most active on Instagram but I can also be reached via Twitter I post more Pokemon content there too!

Take care, and I’ll see you next time. Milk x


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