Final Fantasy XIV: first impressions

Recently I found myself looking for a new MMORPG to help to unwind after work, which is when I stumbled across Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn (or FFXIV) on the PlayStation store. Final Fantasy is a huge franchise which is celebrated and loved the world over – with a plethora of titles across multiple platforms – but apart from Revenant Wings it’s a series which I’ve only ever spectated until now. With that in mind, here are my thoughts and feelings upon having ventured out into Eorzea as a fledgling player!

Similar to most MMOs, FFXIV of course has a variety of options for character creation but it’s with the class options that it first gets interesting. It confused me a little at to begin with, because all the guides I looked at prior to playing spoke of something called “class jobs” which technically differs to the class you initially pick. The best way I can explain it is that you choose whichever class you like and then eventually you graduate and become a serious contender in your chosen field of study, leading to you being able to pursue better quests with boosted rewards! The best video guide I found to help me understand all of this, along with which class gets which job, is this one here by Work to Game. With that being said it’s also important to note that you can actually play every class on one character if you so wish. All skill lines must be levelled separately, but even so it allows you to shape your character how you want, and if you become bored of the class you’re playing you merely pick up the starter quest for a new one. I can also see it being advantageous at end game, say if your group needs a healer and you have the appropriate skill level as a Conjurer or Astrologian. Just switch your weapon and away you go!

Another feature that I’ve really enjoyed so far is the Fate system, which are essentially World Boss or World Quest spawns on a timer. Everyone who participates gets a percentage of experience and money equal to their contribution and if you’re too high a level for that particular Fate you can opt to temporarily to scale down your level. This ensures you’re not missing out on the fun! Of course other MMOs have world bosses too, but Fates genuinely feel like a challenge due to bosses having large health bars, and the swarms of smaller mobs being tougher than their normal counterparts.

I may still be finding my feet, but if you check out the video below you can see myself and another player taking on a Fate! They’re honestly quite addictive and I keep find myself running if I see the marker on my mini map so that I can grab a piece of the action

FFXIV is such a beautiful game with rich lore and decent storytelling; this of course is all based on my extremely limited play time but I’m looking forward to learning more! YouTube is definitely a great help in that regard. Even though I still have much to learn, like the deep dive into the crafting system or getting stuck into dungeon runs, I’m loving my experience so far.

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Take care and I’ll catch you next time, Milk x


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