Great apps for kawaii photo editing

I’ve had a lot of people asking which apps I use to edit my Instagram and Twitter photos recently, so I thought it’d be a good idea to list them all in a single handy post! Each app has it’s merits for styling cute photos for your feed. Without further ado let’s jump straight in!

The three apps I use the most are VaporCam, BeautyCam & LINE Camera. These can all be found on Google Play Store and are free to download. Let’s get into the features each app has to offer!

— — —


First up with VaporCam, my favourite and most used item are the glitter stickers. Personally these are a must have.

There are a whole host of other stickers, borders and awesome filters, but for me it’s all about those sparkles! Also apologies in advance, but it is worth noting that I’ve had VaporCam for so long I can’t recall if I paid for access to extra stickers. Just giving you a heads up.

— — —


Coming up next is BeautyCam! This app is just jam packed with totally cute real time filters similar to Snapchat, but with a more kawaii vibe. They update frequently too for different seasons, holidays or just as additional content and it’s totally free!

BeautyCam also has great auto adjust features for your photos. If you look at the image below, you can see the difference between the original and the same image after auto adjust, and how it has altered patchy colour and overall made everything brighter yet softer. The app also has face slimming, eye enlarging, lip enhancing and other adjustment tools, but I prefer not to mess with those too much since it’s not my style.

— — —

LINE Camera:

In my opinion I’ve saved the best for last! The amount of utility packed into LINE Camera is astounding! From great drawing tools, to a plethora of both free and paid stickers (like official Sanrio character stickers) one of the best features LINE has is the ability to import any image as a custom sticker! This means there are limitless ways to customise your posts!

If you click the heart icon (which is the sticker icon) and then the scissors icon, it will let you import an image of your choosing as a sticker! Make sure the image you’re importing has a transparent background or else they won’t work like the regular stickers. There is an option to draw around your imported image if it has a solid background (like using the lasso tool in photoshop) but this can be quite time consuming and be a bit fiddly. Save time by importing transparent background images only.

Once the sticker has been pasted onto your image, you can play with the hue, transparency and brightness to however you desire.

LINE Camera also has some great ‘shiny’ filters to add instant sparkle to your posts! There are many other amazing features which are great fun to play around with, but these are the ones I use the most.

— — —

To discover the full extent of what each app offers, I’d definitely recommend downloading them and experimenting to find out how you can use them best to help you! I hope this helps you to make lots of extra-adorable posts

Also for more cute content, follow me on Instagram and Twitter and consider subscribing to my blog!

Until next time, Milk x


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